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Bushfires and Climate Change

For a few weeks, as bushfires raged in NSW and Qld, a debate broke out here on whether climate change was contributing factor.

In the main part, the answer to the question fell across partisan lines with people from the Labor/Greens/Left saying that it was and those from the LNP/ON/Right saying it was not.

Something I have observed over the years however is that the LNP is very split on the question of climate change. About half seem to accept the mainstream scientific opinion, and about half don't.

Scott Morrison however, has accepted that climate is a factor in the bushfires

As an associated aside, a few days ago Davide Littleproud came out with the remark that he wasn't sure that climate change was human-caused.

Three days later however he changed his mind. "I believe in climate science", he proclaimed.

"I accept the science. I’m just a poor humble bloke with a year 12 education but I’m prepared to accept, prepared to accept what our scientists are telling us – it’s as simple as that."

I rather wish a few other people would be a little fairer about their own knowledge of such things.

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