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Federal election campaign: Day 20 and 21

Day 20 and 21 of the Federal election and on the policy front Labor again takes the charge with a pledge of $1 billion worth of solar panels for schools which will feed back into the grid, reducing power costs for the schools (obviously) but also reduce prices overall with an increasing energy supply. On-cue the Climate Council released a report outlining government cuts to climate science funding, the rejection of scientific advice, and cuts to CSIRO.

Whilst One Nation had to drop a lead candidate after exposure at a strip club (and hopefully, more because of their comments whilst there), the Liberal Party has disendorsed two of its candidates, one for coming out with an anti-Islamic tirade and another for advocating getting rid of gay MPs (and advocating a fair bit of their own desire for theocracy - their version of course). Meanwhile, a Labor candidate has been exposed for circulating rape jokes on social media some years ago. With a continuing case of foot-in-mouth, Gladys Liu has been found assigning work ethic on the basis of ethnicity.

In perhaps on the more weird election events, a fake poll was released to the West Australian from an independent candidate's office suggesting that they were going to win the seat. Alex Turnbull (former PM, Malcolm's son), based on some undisclosed network analysis, has identified a conservative Liberal MP as the source. Let's see how that one plays out.

Finally, a handy fact-check from the ABC from the leader's debate. For those of you who are concerned about something as prosaic as facts.

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