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Federal election campaign: Day 22 and 23

Day 22 and 23 of the Federal election campaign, and the major policy announcement of the day has been $2 billion dollars of Federal funding for the Victoria's Melbourne Metro Tunnel. The project costs $11 bn overall and the Andrews government has been trying to get the Feds to cough up money previously allocated to infrastructure, but they want it to be spent on projects of their choosing (like the East-West Link).

Meanwhile, the LNP continues to be the train-wreck with candidates being shed, losing another candidate in dramatic circumstances with Jessica Whelan quitting after saying feminists supporting sharia law should have their genitals mutilated and that Muslims should be banned from Australia. That makes the 7th candidate they've lost. Labor has also increased its number to 2 with their candidate for Melbourne dropping out after revelations of rape "jokes" that they made several years previous. This will almost certainly mean that Adam Bandt will be re-elected for the Greens who may look eastwards towards putting more resources in Julian Burnside's pitch in Kooyong. Meanwhile the Katter Australia Party is not disendorsing their candidate for Dawson, who likened Muslims entering parliament in Australia to the rise of the Nazi party also shared a number of sexist, racist and offensive Facebook posts and cartoons, "most of which are too graphic to publish", and a Clive Palmer UAP candidate also engaging in misogynist and anti-Muslim posts. Also on the path of right-wing misogyny, the Liberal candidate for Paterson has claimed that women are not getting pay-rises because they are not interested in "money matters and other business-related 'stuff'".

Internal woes are actually quite massive in the Liberal camp with the Victorian, NSW, and Qld branches on the brink of all-out factional war.

In Victoria, after two conservative candidates have been dumped, a senior party figure warned of a “bloodbath” at next month’s state council, where officeholders are elected, predicting an "all out fight for control" between the moderates wing and right-wingers. Meanwhile, in NSW a conservative senator has objected to being relegated by moderates to the unwinnable third-spot and is now advocating that people ignore how-to-vote cards and vote for him below the line. Following suit, Ian Macdonald (who has been a senator since 1990 and will be 80 if he gets another term) has been relegated to 4th spot and is also encouraging supporters to vote for him directly.

Finally, the Labor Party is facing a below-the-belt campaign on WeChat that's targetting Chinese Australians with fake news that Labor will allow over a million refugees into the country over a ten-year period. In reality, if elected a Shorten government plans to lift the refugee quota to 32,000 by 2026.

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