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Federal election campaign: Day 30 and 31

Day 30 and 31 of the Federal election campaign, and without a doubt the biggest possible news item was Labor's costings which project the largest budget surplus in history, and double the size of the Coalition's. Note that these values are verified by the Parliamentary Budget Office, an indepedent statutory office, which uses the same numbers and models as the Treasury and are required to do so. I guess it helps a *lot* when you're not giving $77bn in tax-cuts to those earning $180K or more per annum.

On the scale of things, the $1bn promised by Labor for a "bullet train" between Melbourne-Canberra-Sydney-Brisane (completing the journey in as little as three hours) is positively modest. But still worth mentioning, of course.

The LNP has made a promise as well; a 25 per cent power price cuts, or rather a 25% reduction is spot prices in the national energy market. Nota bene: this is still less that what was promised under the National Energy Guarantee, which would have reduced prices by $550 per annum. Experts are unconvinced of the Coalition's promise.

The Greens have made a $3bn pitch to small business with a plan that would enable small businesses to claim 110 per cent of their wages bill against their income and reduce their tax bill. They have a policy to encourage small business to invest in renewable technologies through a $2.2bn Battery Storage Fund. The Greens have also promised to work with Labor to introduce environment regulations in the event of a hostile Senate.

One of Clive Palmer's candidates has shown their charming opinions by posting anti-abortion picture of pregnant woman with noose. Despite this, Palmer is sticking with the candidate. Cliver Palmer's party also described itself as "undecided" on the merits of vaccination.

Whilst I haven't commented on polls etc thus far, there is a real sense now that the swing to Labor is on, both by betting agencies and by seat-by-seat polling. One suspects that the snubbed Murdoch press will go absolutely ballistic in the last week. There is a sense of panic and terror in the Tory ranks, and they lack the discipline and temperament to take it in their stride.

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