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Federal Election Campaign: Day 34 and 35

Day 34 and 35 of the campaign and, unsurprisingly, this close to the finish line there are no more big announcements from anybody, although Shorten's announcement that Labor will scrap the federal government's current submission on the minimum wage and submit a new one is of note. This may have particular resonance in W.A. and Qld where real wages have declined (for the rest of the country they've flatlined). RBA comments on wages from November last year added for context.

There's been plenty of last minutes stresses, however, especially in the Coalition where the Nationals are now in complete open warfare with the Senator Molan's campaign to vote below the line. Molan has also come under fire for poaching volunteers from Tony Abbott's campaign to be re-elected in the HoR.

In other angry Coalition behaviours, Liberal member for Swan, Steve Irons, didn't like being questioned about voting to cut penalty rates, and responded with a rather aggressive response about voting "..for pedophiles, sex offenders and rapists like the Labor party did", referring to the medivac bill. Watch the video and decided for yourself whether he's trying to intimidate.

And in even worse case of intimidation Labor's candidate for Dawson Belinda Hassan's car the target of an attempted arson attack, with police finding a singed plastic bag was found stuffed into the fuel tank of a campaign car, parked outside her home address.

In an attempt to campaign against Liberal-turned independent, The Advance Australia group has published claims that Julia Banks bullied a young female colleague in her office before she entered Parliament. Banks, a candidate for Flinders, will be preparing legal action.

The Greens have lost their candidate for Parkes after it was revealed that he was a Port Arthur conspiracy theorist, claiming that "Bryant didn't do it" in a social media post in November 2018. He initially claimed that somebody else had been writing messages in his name.

Liberal member Angus Taylor has come out with the utterly bizarre and false claim that "A Bill Shorten government wants to force you to install an electric vehicle charging station whenever you build or renovate your home, whether you drive an electric car or not". Electric cars, for what it's worth, can be charged by a standard 240V outlet.

There's finally been a little bit of attention to climate change (which surely is still the most important issue, right?), with the BAEconomics study used to attack Labor’s climate policies been described as a "complete outlier" according to an analysis of more than 20 other recent modelling exercises. A comparison between the Labor and the Coalition's policies is provided. Apropos of wild claims scientists, environmental groups, and the Queensland government have some harsh words to say about Scott Morrison's claim that the Federal government has "saved the Great Barrier Reef".

Finally, in a moment of beautiful, albeit unintentional, honesty, Tony Abbott has rejected suggestions that Zali Steggall would support a minority Morrison government because: "Labor has a much better climate change policy than the Coalition".

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