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RK Crosby is not OK

After the surprise election of the Coalition government in Australia in May, the Director of the Centre for Economic Policy research made this rather harmless, but insightful scatter diagram of select demographics and swings.

I thought it was quite useful, and matched was was reporting elsewhere on how TPP swings to the Coalition occurred in electorates which were not going to benefit from their policies and swings against the Coalition were occuring in those seats targetted by Labor for their proportion of rent-seekers. Professor Phillips' remarks came as a useful contribution to the submission of the Isocracy Network to the ALP's Campaign Review in August.

Not everyone was happy however, RK Crosby, who leads the voterchoice website, came out swinging.

Sure, a panel study would be good, but it is a bit much to describe Professor Phillips' correaltions as "stupid and irresponsible", let alone to demand "delete this nonsense". But being of a philosophical bent, one statement stuck out as amusing tangent in the history of philosophy.

Hume is correct of course, kinda-sorta. Whilst Hume is being a determinist, he is skeptical of our abilities to determine causality from reason alone. Instead, we must develop a system of probabilities derived from experience. Thus if one billiard ball strikes another and it moves 100% of the time, that correlation is not causality as such, but rather a certainty. Technicaly, it is possible that some other (unobserved or even unobservable) force is at play. Correlation is never causality, but it'll do for physics.

RK Crosby however, was not up for any amused banter.

Huh, one may have thought that "voter's choice" would know that Australia's largest political party was having a review of the election results.

Maybe if I say that I'm agreeing with them?

OK, that's a somewhat unexpected reaction when you're agreeing with someone.

Apparently not.

Oh well, their profile does describe themselves as a 'migraineur'.

As for nerds, we may add:

... And a good nerd accepts the corrections because it's not a competition between people.

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