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The Universal Citizen

Newsletter of the Isocracy Network, Inc., September 2018

"On some positions, Cowardice asks the question, "Is it safe?" Expediency
asks the question, "Is it politic?" And Vanity comes along and asks the
question, "Is it popular?" But Conscience asks the question "Is it right?"
And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe,
nor politic, nor popular, but he must do it because Conscience tells him
it is right. "

--Martin Luther King Jnr, "Remaining Awake Through a Great Revolution" (31
March 1968)


Welcome to the September issue of "The Universal Citizen", newsletter of
the Isocracy Network. This issue points to three articles on our website,
ten 'blog posts, and several action items

In addition on Saturday October 20 the Isocracy Network will be holding
its Annual General Meeting at the Kensington Town Hall at 3pm (30-34
Bellair St, Kensington VIC 3031). The guest speaker is Professor Clinton
Fernandes of the University of New South Wales, a historian and foreign
policy specialist. Clinton will be speaking on Australian Foreign Policy
and the Australia–East Timor spying scandal.

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Articles and 'Blogs

Against Anti-Abortionism
by Wes Whitman

If we put aside all metaphysical and religious dogma and rely only on
facts, or objective truths, then it is impossible to arrive at a hard
anti-abortion position. Historically, abortion was condemned in
Christianity (and in its derivative Islam) because it was believed that
ensoulment—the obtaining of a soul—takes place before birth. In
Christianity, it was held that ensoulment must take place at conception
otherwise the human nature of Christ would have been fashioned in the
womb, apart from His divine soul, prior to ensoulment. Since orthodox
Christian theology held that Christ was not a man who became God (or a God
who indwelt in a man) but rather God incarnate (the God-Man), it was
necessary to insist that ensoulment happened at the very moment of
conception. Thus, ensoulment was believed to take place at conception.
Consequently, any abortion would necessarily constitute murder.

Only baptized individuals were allowed into heaven, which is why the early
Church insisted on baptizing infants. Abortion would damn an infant/fetus
to hell for all eternity as the souls of the unborn were unable to be
saved through baptism. Abortion was also frowned upon by early Christians
because of its association with Temple prostitution. This is the religious
background for why abortion was viewed as murder. Islam, lacking the
concept of a God-Man, held that ensoulment occured four months into the
pregnancy. Thus, abortion was regarded as somewhat permissible prior to
ensoulment, but not permissible after. The thing to note about these
justifications for opposing abortion is that they are anti-scientific.
They are based on arbitrary religious dogma and not on objective fact.

Read more at: http://isocracy.org/content/against-anti-abortionism

Isocracy Profiles: Martin Luther King, Jnr.
by Lev Lafayette

The same motivation appears here as did the previous "Isocracy Profile"
profile article on Albert Einstein; an attempt to identify inspirational
individuals who have contributed to the nascent social and political
theory that is isocracy. As with the previous article the same words of
caution can be expressed; it is unlikely that anyone would agree with
everything that constitutes the Isocratic outlook as expressed on these
pages, and likewise identification of a deceased person with a named
political theory can only be done on the basis of evidence from their
works, rather than their explicit statement of identity - especially when
that political theory only sees development after their passing.

Nevertheless, there is some a degree of certainty that Martin Luther King
Jnr would be supportive of the Isocracy program, based on the content of
the works and their actions. Martin Luther King, Jnr. was, of course,
primarily a social activist and a moral theorist. Whilst the former is
well-known, the latter is often overlooked. His social activism came from
his moral theory, and his moral theory initially comes from an intuitive
sense of injustice. The theory rationalises the feeling, ensuring that it
is a deeply considered conviction rather than a deeply ingrained
prejudice, the activism tests the theory, recursively applying theory to
practice, to test its grounding. In one of his early sermons [1], King
argued: "This is a moral universe. It hinges on moral foundations. If we
are to make of this a better world, we've got to go back and rediscover
that precious value that we've left behind". What was the value left
behind? It was a moral commitment. Certainly, as a reverend, he phrased
them it in religious terms. But nevertheless, they were practical and
earthly, rather than metaphysical objectives; "We are reaching out for the
daybreak of freedom and justice and equality." [2]

Read more at:

Invasion Day and Captain Cook
by Lev Lafayette

In a desperate attempt to deflect attention on their economic
incompetence, their war on the poor, the manipulation of the ABC, and the
Banking Royal Commission, the current Federal government hopes that it can
appeal to nationalism, but condemning Byron City Council for moving
Australia Day celebrations one day earlier. The Prime Minister, Scott
Morrison, criticised the council for engaging in "indulgent
self-loathing", claiming that "Our modern Aus nation began on January 26,
1788. That’s the day to reflect on what we’ve accomplished, become, still
to achieve. We can do this sensitively, respectfully, proudly, together."

Most commentators were less than happy with this. My own comment parodied
the response; "Let's respectfully, sensitively, and proudly whitewash 250
years of dispossession, rape, and murder. We've achieved so much". Others
argued that the account was a parody. Noongar author Claire Coleman
reminded the Prime Minister that the day will not be forgotten as invasion
day. Others pointed out that even on a technical level the Prime Minister
was completely mistaken; "Technically this date is 'Foundation Day; of the
Penal Colony of NSW. The Commonwealth of Australia - Australia as ‘Nation’
commenced on 1 January 1901. Before that it was a collection of
'colonies'". Sydney-sider parochialism now unites with white invader

Read more at: http://isocracy.org/content/invasion-day-and-captain-cook

* Compare the Au Pair by Richard O'Brien

* Why don't we have land value tax? by Wes Whitman

* Don't Reject Universal Basic Income by Wes Whitman

* Culture of Bullying by Richard O'Brien

* Two Socialist Calculation Problems by Wes Whitman

* Radical Centrism and Third-Way Political Economy by Wes Whitman

* Anti-capitalist Libertarian by Nick Kappos

* Empathy at Yale University by Steve Spirgis

* Scott Morrison's Honeymoon Period by Lev Lafayette

* Men who don't practice what they preach by Steve Spirgis


Iran: Free Mohammed Habibi

Iranian teacher trade unionist Mohammed Habibi was sentenced to ten and a
half years in prison on 4 August 2018. The sentence by the Iranian Islamic
Revolutionary Court also included prohibition of social and political
activities for two years, a travel ban of two years, and 74 lashes. A
member of the Iranian Teachers' Trade Association of Tehran, Habibi is one
of many independent trade union members harassed by Iran's public
authorities for pursuing their legitimate activities.

He was arrested in May during a peaceful protest and has since been held
in detention under unbearably harsh conditions. Family members who visited
him in prison reported that he had been severely mistreated. Public
authorities continue to deny him the urgent medical support he needs. We
need your urgent support to call upon the Iranian authorities for Habibi's
immediate and unconditional release.


Hello Australia.  What's happening with your trade unions?

Twenty years ago, when we founded LabourStart, we developed very close
links with Australian trade unions.  LabourStart quickly became an
indispensable resource for trade unionists in your country, with breaking
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Most of that work was done by the late Andrew Casey, whose passing earlier
this year left -- as expected -- a major gap for us.

These days, LabourStart has tons of labour news every day about the USA,
Britain, South Africa, Canada -- but almost nothing about Australia.

Can you help us fix that?

Please volunteer to be a LabourStart correspondent.

If you send me your name, email address and a sentence telling me about
your union membership (if you're an elected official or staff, please
indicate this) -- and I'll send you a user name and password so you can
add links to news stories about your union, your state and your country.

Send an email to ericlee at labourstart.org if you wish to be a LabourStart

Those news stories will appear instantly on LabourStart, and will be seen
by the many thousands of trade unionists around the world who rely on us
to keep them up to date.

I hope I can count on your support -- and I thank you in advance.

Eric Lee


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